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Stian Tandberg Cinematographer, Director


Stian Tandberg is a passionate cinematographer currently located in Drammen, just outside of Oslo, Norway.

He has extensive experience collaborating with agencies, and has also worked directly with brands and their creatives on several occasions through a number of years.


He is always committed to getting the right pictures – the pictures that create cohesive and engaging sequences allowing the viewers complete access into the brand's universe or the director's vision. ​


Stian is currently focusing on projects that test his skills within both narrative and documentary TV productions, and is always eager to expand his network of collaborators and agencies.

Stian's primary focus is cinematography and he loves storytelling and the process of making movies. If the project is a good fit, he can sometimes be seen in the role of director or editor.  


Highly dedicated, always ready to explore,

create and deliver.

Filmfotograf Viken Stian Tandberg


+47 41286721



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